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We offer accredited ReAttach courses for Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Family Therapists, Special Educators, Paramedics, and Coaches.

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When talking doesn’t help…ReAttach!

ReAttach is a gentle, short-term, and effective intervention that focuses on optimizing stress and emotion regulation. Already after one ReAttach session, clients experience renewed energy, feel better about themselves, feel more emotionally balanced, and have a better ‘grip’ on life.

We transfer ReAttach to a broad group of professionals. Psychologists, educational psychologists, youth care, special educators, and paramedics share their enthusiasm about ReAttach as a multimodal, transdiagnostic intervention for children and adults with mental health problems.

ReAttach in 3 minutes


Reattach is a effective and above all enriching treatment method that I recommend to all my colleagues!

Drs. Fanny Stempher


When I learned about ReAttach, I immediately knew this is the ‘missing link’ in my work!

Corry Heesterbeek

Physical Therapist

Alle kindertherapeuten zouden ReAttach moeten kunnen toepassen. It is the most friendly, accessible, and effective method for achieving your treatment goals.

Mariëlle Bartholomeus

Child Occupational Therapist
Sensory Integration Therapist

Enrich your expertise as a practitioner and follow a ReAttach course

Enrich your expertise

Add a terrific, fast-acting, and field-proven method to your ‘toolbox.’

Widely applicable

Learn how you can help clients better with countless complaints in an accessible way.

Fast results

Your clients experience renewed energy, feel better about themselves, feel more emotionally balanced, and have a better ‘grip’ on life.


We have accredited our courses for numerous professional associations.

Quality register

Your certification will be included in the international ReAttach Quality Register.

Trainers with practical experience

You follow your training with a healthcare professional who has experience in your area of expertise.

Our courses

ReAttach Basic Skills Training
(3 days)

After this accredited 3-day training, you will be a certified ReAttach Therapist.

ReAttach Specialization
(1 day)

Certified ReAttach therapists can specialize in working with clients with complex developmental questions.

‘You have to experience ReAttach. You must do ReAttach!

“The ReAttach training days are like ReAttach itself: sincere, honest, tidy, professional, and carefully substantiated. There is plenty of room for interaction and personal encounters. Everyone’s contribution is appreciated. It has meant for me that I was immediately inspired and motivated to apply ReAttach in daily practice. It is an enrichment, deepening and a very nice approach, appreciated by my clients with great results!”

Martin Stempher
Marts Coaching, ‘Manage Work & Life’

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