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Do you regularly treat or supervise clients whose progress is hindered by stress, emotions, fatigue, irritability or loss of concentration? Then ReAttach might be able to change that.

ReAttach is both a social cognitive training and a sensory integration training and is used as a systemic intervention in children, adolescents and adults with psychotrauma, affect regulation disorders, attachment problems, psychosomatic complaints and developmental disorders. The method can be easily combined with other treatment methods such as psychological counseling, speech therapy, movement and psychotherapy.

Our courses

ReAttach Basic Skills Training
(3 days)

ReAttach is simple yet complex. A 3-day accredited training with theory and practice is required to acquire the basic skills.

ReAttach Specialization
(1 day)

Certified ReAttach therapists can specialize in working with clients with complex developmental questions.

Reattach is a effective and above all enriching treatment method that I recommend to all my colleagues!

Drs. Fanny Stempher


When I learned about ReAttach, I immediately knew this is the ‘missing link’ in my work!

Corry Heesterbeek

Physical Therapist

Alle kindertherapeuten zouden ReAttach moeten kunnen toepassen. It is the most friendly, accessible, and effective method for achieving your treatment goals.

Mariëlle Bartholomeus

Child Occupational Therapist
Sensory Integration Therapist

You are assured of a good quality education.

You will enjoy this for a career long!

ReAttach Academy Registration

ReAttach Academy registers students, therapists, and trainers in the ReAttach Register. The ReAttach Therapy International Foundation guarantees the quality of the training.

Certificate & Diploma

Na het volledig doorlopen van de cursusdagen (100% deelname) wordt een certificaat van deelname uitgereikt. Registratie als therapeut en het ReAttach diploma zijn voorbehouden aan cursisten die zowel het theoretisch examen (een online toets) als het praktijk examen goed afronden.


Alleen geregistreerde en gekwalificeerde ReAttach therapeuten worden erkend door Stichting ReAttach Therapy International en mogen zich ReAttach therapeut noemen. ReAttach is een beschermde merknaam voorbehouden aan geregistreerde en gekwalificeerde therapeuten.

Quality register

If you have obtained the ReAttach Diploma, you are qualified as a ReAttach Therapist, and you will be included as a therapist in the ReAttach Quality Register. The quality register is maintained to make it transparent in which professionals have completed our training successfully.


ReAttach therapists who have followed the Specialization Module are listed as Specialists in the quality register. As long as you are still in training, you are registered as a ReAttach therapist in training. It would be best to have the specialization module work with complex target groups (such as autism, neurorehabilitation, complex trauma).

Practical exam

During the practical exam, at least five clients' progress is evaluated, and we expect a reflection on your actions as a ReAttach therapist in training. Your trainer, ReAttach Academy, and Stichting ReAttach Therapy International are involved in the assessment of your exam. If you cannot meet the diploma's requirements immediately, you can request further training and a second exam.


We have developed trainer-trainings.

Master Education

Therapists who have completed all specialization and in-depth modules are registered as Master ReAttach Therapist.

Want to get started as a ReAttach therapist?

Would you like to learn how to apply ReAttach to your clients? Or even more in-depth with no fewer than eight specialization modules?


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