ReAttach Academy

General Terms and Conditions

When registering for ReAttach Training, we assume that you agree with the general delivery and payment conditions.

ReAttach Basic Skills training is € 1495, – including materials, lunch, registration, and diploma. When you register with ReAttach Academy, you will receive a total invoice. When you register with one of our trainers, ReAttach Academy will invoice you the registration fee of € 200. Your trainer will then send you a separate invoice for the remaining amount of € 1295. The registration invoice must be paid before the start of your training. The specialization module is € 495, and the other modules are € 375 each. ReAttach Academy Voerendaal provides the specialization modules.

It is attractive to do a <strong>group registration</strong> for basic training. Student 1 pays the full amount. Students 2 to 6 have been reduced to € 1395 and 7 to 12 to € 1350. At ReAttach Academy, a maximum of 18 students can be trained by multiple trainers.

You can either pay your invoice online or opt for a bank transfer. If you want to change your choice afteryou have already pressed the payment button or invoice, you will have to register again. The registration system cannot make this change itself. In that case, the registration will be canceled by the system.

Your invoice
You will always automatically receive an invoice by email, even with online payment. Our experience is that this can take a few minutes. If your registration causes any questions or problems, please contact or call +31 45-5112171 for support.

After your registration, you have two weeks to consider. During this period, you can cancel your registration free of charge. If you have already paid for your registration and change your mind within two weeks, the registration fee will be refunded. The term within which the registration fee will be refunded to your account is 2 to 4 weeks. In the unlikely event that you cannot participate in the training after this period, other training dates will be offered in consultation with you. In this case, you can choose from all training dates for the coming year.

Reschedule training
Cancellation by the trainer
If a trainer drops out in the unlikely event, ReAttach Academy will provide a replacement trainer or other training dates. In this case, you can choose from all training dates for the coming year.

Insufficient registrations
If the number of registered students before a training date is too small to provide adequate training, the trainer reserves the right to postpone the activity to another date. In this case, you can choose from all training dates for the coming year.

Changing training data
If you want to change the training dates after registration, it is best to contact us via In most cases, this is no problem at all if you indicate this on time. You can also call ReAttach Academy: +31 45-5112171.