Introduction ReAttach and W.A.R.A.
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Get to know ReAttach and discover W.A.R.A. This is a unique intervention to place negative affect (unpleasant feelings) in a friendly way in just 90 seconds.

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Online training

Introduction to ReAttach and W.A.R.A.

ReAttach is a new, short-term systemic intervention that we use for children, young people, and adults with, for example, trauma, attachment problems, psychosomatic complaints, or developmental disorders.

W.A.R.A. is an exercise ReAttach therapists use specifically on patients with sensory hypersensitivity, chronic pain, or chronic problems with emotion regulation. You will receive the instructions during this online training!

A recent pilotstudy, published in the scientific open access journal Heliyon, suggests that an effective and expeditious way to reduce negative affect.

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One-time payment of €15

Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award

Participants in online training

Registered ReAttach Therapists

The W.A.R.A. training with Paula in August 2020 was really enjoyable and useful. The theory was presented clearly and concisely, and Paula was very engaging in the experiential exercise.

W.A.R.A. is useful for me as a person and as a clinician because it is so quick that it gives me the choice to stay in the flow of the day rather than having to remove myself from it.

I like that W.A.R.A. does not stigmatize emotions and instead allows me to engage with my emotions with freedom from them getting unhelpfully amplified. I am looking forward to learning deeper into ReAttach.

Tamaki Kano

Counsellor & Art Therapist
(Vancouver, Canada)

Reattach is a effective and above all enriching treatment method that I recommend to all my colleagues!

Drs. Fanny Stempher


When I came into contact with ReAttach I immediately knew: This is the ‘missing link’ in my work!

Corry Heesterbeek

Physical Therapist

Paula Bartholomeus (speaker)

ReAttach and W.A.R.A. were developed by Paula Bartholomeus. She is currently doing PhD research at the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology of Maastricht University under the supervision of Prof. dr. Thérèse van Amelsvoort.


Learn to reduce negative affect


Fast, simple and effective


Non-burdensome for the client


Can be used remotely (video calling)

W.A.R.A. online training

Get started with the unique W.A.R.A.

In just 45 minutes you will learn an extremely effective and quick (90 seconds!) method to remotely (via video calling) reduce negative affect with your clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the results of ReAttach?

Practice-based research has shown that ReAttach reduces psychological stress and sensory overstimulation and can activate personal growth (e.g. resilience).

What are the results of W.A.R.A.?

In the published study, the effect of W.A.R.A. on negative affect compared with distraction in 101 patients with various psychological complaints. Distraction is used in young children as an effective strategy to reduce bad feelings. W.A.R.A. was found to be significantly more effective in regulating negative affect. Although this is still a pilot study, this result is promising.

Is W.A.R.A. can be used remotely?

W.A.R.A. is an intervention that ReAttach therapists can use face-to-face and also remotely (such as via video calling). A comparative study between W.A.R.A. face-to-face and W.A.R.A. remote therapy showed that both interventions reduce negative affect in approximately 90 seconds. W.A.R.A. face-to-face was more effective than W.A.R.A. remote therapy.

One-time payment of €15