W.A.R.A. (wiring affect with reattach) provided by remote training: first-aid psychological intervention?

ReAttach Academy

Paula Bartholomeus

19 januari 2021

Wiring Affect with ReAttach (W.A.R.A) is an ultrafast affect-regulation technique that is commonly provided by ReAttach therapists in the proximity of the patient. The benefits of W.A.R.A. are that the intervention is light, brief, and simple in helping to process negative affect. Facing the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating consequences for mental health, we propose W.A.R.A, amongst other self-regulation strategies, as a first-aid psychological intervention. We immediately started to give access to free online W.A.R.A. training, so professionals, worldwide, can offer W.A.R.A. by remote training and help patients suffering from elevated stress to regulate their negative affect.

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Maak kennis met Wiring Affect with ReAttach (W.A.R.A.) en leer in slechts 1 uur unieke ReAttach basistechnieken (online via Zoom).

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